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Sunday, July 22, 2007

For those of you who don't know Cora!

This is my niece Cora! She is so amazing and her smile just lights up

about anything... especially her Daddy's face!

Wedding Planning

So, as complicated as it could be, wedding planning is fun! I have
been having a blast making some dreams become reality for our
wedding! I have been super busy working full time, planning the
wedding and renewing old friendships that I have had time for very
little else, actually.

Today we spent the day in Sebring, cementing some of the decisions
that needed to be made for the wedding. It was a big deal to have all
these people to meet in a short amount of time, but man, we had a
great day!

We met with the representative from Taylor Rentals in Sebring and
went to the park to check it out. He was great! He mapped out the
area where we'll be putting the tent, gave us opinions about table
spacing and room for cars in the parking area and was totally willing
to make anything happen for us! We are so pleased with them.

Our meeting with the caterer did not give us the exact same feeling
but she was good to work with and I was so glad to have this meeting
to talk face to face about our vision for the wedding.

I am excited about our florist! She was so friendly and
knowledgeable! I showed her the flowers that I liked and she got some
ideas together to do her magic. I really think she understood the
theme and feel of the wedding that I was going for and is going to
run with it.

The day, in all of its wonderfulness, was not without its wrong turns
and missed directions. :) Nate and I tried to decipher internet maps
and make sense of crazy roads as we toured the area looking for our
vendors. We got to go into the park again as we were planning and the
beauty of it just hit me again. I was reminded with each step why we
chose this park and how much I love it here. What an honor to begin
our married lives in such a great testimony of God's goodness to us!

Mission accomplished! We are back home, tired and a little more
excited than when we left. We are so excited that you may be able to
join us for our wedding! It should be a very special time!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Engagement Photos For You!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Birthday fun!

I turned 25 yesterday and it was very fun! Two of the most important people in my life made me feel very very special. Also, the midnight crew helped to make it a birthday to remember. Today Nate and I went to see my parents in Okeechobee and pick up some of my furniture and things that were stored at their house. I was able to see some old friends and spend some quality time with my folks. They are so great.

Last week I traveled with 10 other people to Thirsty, a conference in Atlanta for leaders in young adult ministry. It was such an encouraging time to soak in wisdom from many great leaders in ministry. I enjoyed sessions by Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Francis Chan and others. They were eye opening to say it dramatically, and one of the things I gained from attending the conference was to start to focus my ministry thinking towards our local church. It was hard for me at first, having just spent two years working on a field team, to filter the information towards a home-church ministry focus. After the first day, though, I was able to listen to my peers, get an idea for where exactly we are in the crossseekers group and share my thoughts for how what I learned could help us. 

It was so worthwhile! The worship was very different from what I have been used to, but being in a building where over 1000 people are worshipping together just gives you an amazing experience. I was able to worship in very personal ways and also be part of corporate worship, something I missed in Niger.

Tara and Seng called me for my birthday and it made me feel sad. I was going out to dinner in Naples while they were dealing with the ups and downs of hot season in Niger. We're talking seriously hot!! It is so hot right now that they can not even take their moto out in the middle of the day because the street is too hot that it would heat the tire up and make the plugs fall out. Can you believe that? 

They gave me the latest news: My friend Sare (Sar-ray) who had been imprisoned without a trial for 16 months was released last week. He is at home today with his wife, children and 10 month old son! That is a big answer to many months of prayer. Please thank God with us! Also, my friend Sutura in RZ had her baby girl this week. The baby naming ceremony will be held on Tuesday.

Please lift up 2 of our believers today in Village D. Seng went to visit and encourage them and I am praying fervently because it is a joy to continue to be part of their lives in that way.

It is strange to go from the field with my hands in everything, to now on this side of the ocean hearing news second hand. It is different but so much fun not to just stop being part of their lives. I can, like you have for years now, be part of the team through prayer. I am proud to be beside all of you. 

I have better internet connections now so I hope to post more, but now that I am in the states I am sure there is less for me to blog about. I don't want to bore you :) I will post as I get news from the field and about some of the fun events going on in my life here in Florida.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nate Proposes in Central Park

Nate Proposes in Central Park
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So, for those of you who were not informed of the surprise months
ahead of me I wanted to share that a week ago Nathan Flood asked me
to be his wife!

It all started when we headed to Central Park after attending church
on Sunday. I thought we were just going to walk around so I really
was not prepared for much excitement. Then, when we found
Shakespeare's Garden that my friend was looking for. Not two minutes
later Nate surprised me by walking up to me in a suit. Here's my
expression as I finally recognized him.

The Question

The Question
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Notice the random guy walking by while we're having our special

The excitement

The excitement
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I still couldn't believe it was happening. I was so surprised!!!
Imagine... ME.... speechless...

Nate and I had lost all time. We were alone together in that moment.
We had forgotten our friends and everyone else. We didn't even notice
that a crowd had gathered to watch. When we turned towards our
friends they yelled congratulations and a whole crowd of people
started clapping for us! It was so neat!

Don't we look great together!?!

Don't we look great together!?!
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Our Special Spot under the Magnolia Tree

My Henna

My Henna
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So, like I said before, if I had known, I probably would not have
gotten henna done. But, I am glad I was so surprised and the henna
will be nice memory. The ring fit beautifully and felt like it
always had always belonged to me. The ring is beautiful! Nate did an
amazing job designing it, but my favorite part about it is that HE
gave it to me. A week later I am still looking at it wondering why
God has chosen to bless me with such an amazing man. I hope that
wonder never ends...

Very Happy Couple!!

Very Happy Couple!!
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